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Alber Elbaz is supportive designer

Alber Elbaz is "incredibly nice" says Korean-American designer Doo-Ri Chung.

Doo-Ri has just been named the feature designer for Macy's Impulse. She began her career in 1995 working at Geoffrey Beene Alber.

The clothes creator was overwhelmed from the support she received from Alber as a rookie designer.

"I got into that when I was working at Geoffrey Beene, which was just the best training in the world," she said to The Cut.

"It was my first job out of school, and I got to work with Alber Elbaz, who was so incredibly nice and he showed me the ropes. I got yelled at by so many people when I first started, and I was so terrified of Mr. Beene when I started he was so scary. Alber would explain to me so nicely how things were done. Every designer has a certain protocol - how you line up the pincushions, and so forth and he showed me Mr. Beene's way of doing things."

Alber and Doo-Ri only worked together for around seven months but the designer says she learnt a lot from him.

It was during this time that Doo-Ri and Alber both created their own signature styles.

"We each got to develop our own niches there," she explained. "For Alber, it was silks, and for me, it was jersey. So that's really how I started doing it."

After spending six years at Geoffrey Beene and rising to head designer, Doo-Ri started her own label.

The designer still remembers the first time she saw a stranger in one of her designs.

"I saw her on the street and my mouth just dropped," she exclaimed. "I couldn't say anything to her, but I was just so excited, and she looked amazing."

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