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Alexa Chung avoids 80s style

Alexa Chung never wears anything "too 1980s" as it doesn't suit her.

The British model-turned-TV-presenter knows her fashion choices are always studied by fans and industry professionals alike. It means she always tries hard to wear what looks good on her frame, and that doesn't change season to season.

"Essentially it's to do with dressing for your shape - mine is all about super-scrawny legs. I've got quite narrow shoulders, too, so I suppose I wear a lot of baggy things up top. I can't wear anything too 1980s, too sexy, or too complex, although I guess my skirts are quite short. It's not that I don't like sexy - I think what I'm wearing is sexy - it's just not obvious," she explained.

Alexa never dresses to please men. She's more interested in what women who love style think of her sartorial choices than whether she looks attractive.

"If I ever think of anyone when I get dressed, it's definitely other women rather than men," she told Elle magazine. "My clothes usually have a sensible or practical element to them. I'm a stickler for working in a classic item such as a smart bag or a raincoat or a navy pullover."

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