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Alexa Chung: British brands are priority

Alexa Chung says British fashion brands are her "priority".

The fashionista has recently been made an ambassador for the British Fashion Council and explained that representing UK designers comes naturally to her.

Alexa also admitted that she never realised how much hard work goes into creating a collection.

"I've been brought in to work with young designers. I obviously attend things where I get photographed, so I want it to be a priority that I wear British brands, especially if I'm abroad. I gravitate towards those designers anyway, like Erdem and Christopher Kane, so it's just a more formalised relationship. It's really about taking the attention I get and trying to re-focus it in a useful way," she told the March issue of Elle magazine about her new role.

"The journey I've gone on has been from just liking clothes in Topshop to trying to understand about actual fashion - I had never even been to a show until a few years ago. Now I know more, I can see that being a designer is a f**king hard slog. I want to make sure I'm helping if I can."

Over the years, Alexa has been recognised as a style icon.

Famed for her slightly eccentric Brit-style, her wardrobe staples include girly mini dresses teamed with Peter Pan collars, brogues and chunky knits.

The 26-year-old insisted that she is still baffled by her status as a fashion inspiration.

"I don't ever presume that people have copied the way I dress. I comment that I like what someone's wearing and then a friend will say, 'What? Your outfit?' and I realise that's why I like it. My mum always points out girls who sort of look the same as me," she said.

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