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Alexa Chung confirms book name

Alexa Chung has revealed the title and cover of her first book.

The British fashionista has penned a highly-anticipated tome, which features her inspirations and musings.

There will be a collection of her favourite photographs and drawings, accumulating to make up Alexa's personal guide to life.

It has a pale pink cover and the star's name in scrawled script across the top.

In the middle is a square with a heavily made-up eye peeking through.

The book is now available to pre-order on and is officially released on September 5.

"I'm writing, I'm drawing and I'm taking photographs," Alexa previously told

"It's definitely not an autobiography, but it's me writing so in a way it probably will have that element."

Among the pictures and self-taken snaps will be general thoughts on life, details of her favourite looks and tips on what to wear in the mornings.

Alexa is known for her svelte physique and knack for throwing together the perfect outfit for every occasion.

However, the 29-year-old believes her real talent is art and she has previously illustrated the cover of charity Ctrl.Alt.Shift's Dear Diary book.

"Drawing is probably the main, number one thing I can do - that I'm best at," she explained.

"It makes sense; if I can get dressed well, then that's what I'm good at: visuals. Putting things next to things."

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