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Alexa Chung doesn't buy twice

Alexa Chung is making a special effort to ensure she doesn't buy the same piece of clothing twice.

The British star is noted for her love of fashion and enjoys spending time perusing vintage stores and designer shops. Her love of shopping is so strong she has recently found herself buying an item more than once, after forgetting she already has it at home.

"Recently, I've been trying to avoid buying the same item twice, which is a weird thing I inadvertently do, but generally I just buy stuff I feel passionate about," she explained to UK magazine Elle. "The problem with loving vintage one-off things is that you feel you must buy them there and then or somebody else will snap them up. The fear of missing out completely plunders my bank account."

Many of Alexa's favourite vintage stores are in the Brick Lane area of London. She visits them regularly, although recently she hasn't found much she likes.

"Now Brick Lane vintage shops are having this weird 1980s fashion moment that I can't handle - that decade gives me the fear," she laughed.

"I can't shop online - I don't know how to enter my card details. I really like the idea of, but I just haven't worked out how to pay."

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