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Alexa Chung: Don't dress sexily

Alexa Chung likes "sexless dressing".

The British star is famed for her quirky style, and favours fashion forward attire over flesh-baring pieces.

Alexa refuses to dress to impress the opposite sex.

"I'm a big fan of sexless dressing, which is probably why I like the Florence [Welch] thing. I don't have men in mind when I get dressed in the morning," she told hosts Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers on E! Entertainment's Fashion Police, before Joan questioned who she dresses for.

"I think children maybe?"

Alexa discussed Florence Welch's famously eccentric style in the interview too. The red-headed songstress recently stepped out in a garish paisley suit, which garnered mixed reviews from fashion critics.

Alexa admires Florence's ability to think outside the style box.

"I'm scared to say it but I think it's brilliant. It's kind of gaudy but she's got a regal face that makes everything look really expensive, which it probably was," she explained in the interview.

Alexa also referred to the silver cut-out swimsuit Rihanna donned in Hawaii recently. She thinks the singer's stunning looks saved her from looking too bad in the flesh-baring piece.

"I think she's really lucky she looks good in anything because this is really ugly," she said.

Alexa talked about her own fashion choices, including a borrowed white Valentino couture dress she wore for an event.

The brunette beauty was extra vigilant with the precious piece.

"This is Valentino couture, so it's worth a lot of money. A man had to fly on a plane over holding it to get it to London and then he stalked me all night to make sure nothing got spilled on it," she said.

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