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Alexa Chung: I can't decide on look

Alexa Chung changes her clothes about "three times a day" because she gets tired of her look.

The British model has revealed she swaps outfits even if her job does not require her to mix it up. Alexa, whose style has inspired fashionistas across the globe, says she is lucky she has plenty of outfits.

"All the time. I get changed about three times a day," she told UK newspaper The Times when asked if she mixes up her look because she can't decide what to wear.

"Clothes, always clothes."

With an abundance of fashions to choose from, she has a tendency to lose items. She says she often blames others for her own disorganisation.

"I definitely am always losing things," she said.

"I don't strop about it but I'm always adamant that it's completely gone or stolen, when clearly it's not.

"The chances of you actually losing shoes out on the street are very slim. Very slim. So I know they're in the house somewhere."

The TV presenter recently helped launch this year's exclusive British Designers Collective - a pop-up store featuring some of the best names in British fashion. Alexa has had her hands full with various fashion projects, modelling and presenting. She says her busy lifestyle means she is lacking sleep.

"You can check my Twitter to verify how little sleep I have had," she said before adding she was also tired from flying around the world.

"Very tiring. I was here [London] for a month and then I went back to New York for a week and then I went to Austin, Texas, for a week and then I just came back and then I go back for two days and then I go to Hong Kong and then I go back for a week."


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