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Alexa Chung: I dress like a granny

Alexa Chung says her look is part "grandma" and part "five year old".

The British fashionista opted for an unusual description of her style while promoting her new American TV series Fuse News.

The style icon has stopped obsessing about her outfits as she gets older.

"I've been like, I look like a grandma or a five year old. But, now I'm growing up a bit… [points at her outfit] she says wearing a schoolgirl uniform. Lots of different things inspire me," Alexa confessed to Lifestyle Mirror. "It's just clothes, isn't it, at the end of the day? That's what occurred to me recently. It all got a bit serious for a minute, and then I was like, it's just f**king clothes you know? Stressing out about what to wear and then I'm like, I don't really give a sh*t! So I just wear black jeans, a navy blue jumper, and Chelsea boots."

British born model Alexa now lives in New York City. The trendsetter diplomatically explained the differences between fashions in the two cities.

"There's definitely a fundamental difference in British style and American. I appreciate both of them and I love the proper Americana kind of denim. And I love walking around the East Village and seeing all the girls and how they dress. Definitely Brooklyn style is amazing as well, that kind of classic hipster vibe," Alexa gushed. "In Britain, there's so much to draw from in terms of history and you've got Savile Row and tailoring. You've got these bright lights of fashion like Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. There's such a rich heritage there that has always celebrated eccentricity and being individual."

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