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Alexa Chung: I have normal hair

Alexa Chung doesn’t like anything “too showy or OTT” when it comes to her hair.

The British star has been unveiled as the face of the company’s Professionnel INOA Colour, with is an ammonia-free, in-salon dye. It will be launching mocha tones in April and Alexa has already tested them out. She is thrilled with the shade, explaining she views L'Oréal as both classic and iconic, which is why she got involved.

“I'm not renowned for doing wacky, bold hair colours - and even in my sartorial decisions everything's quite classic and subtle - I don't like anything too showy or OTT,” she explained. “So I think in that way we're quite nicely aligned and this particular product is all about getting as close to a natural look as possible. I used to have a kind of dip dye and that's about as wacky as I've ever got.”

Alexa used the L'Oréal Professionnel INOA Colour to even out her locks, because they were different colours. She grew bored of that style and is pleased with the way the new product rectified the situation.

“The thing is, I am really bad at making decisions and so I don't like doing anything too drastic in case it's the wrong route,” she told vogue. “But I just wanted to dye my hair back to a normal brown because it was still fading out. Even if I covered it, it wouldn't go away. If you look at photos from before I had it dyed this weekend it's chestnut halfway down and then the rest is ginger.”

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