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Alexa Chung: I impress in manly garb

Alexa Chung has recalled being told she did "looking like a man really well".

The British model is one of 100 people photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld for an upcoming Chanel book celebrating the iconic black Chanel jacket.

She says her tomboy style credentials were cemented, when she was singled out to pose in a variety of manly shots.

"I turned up to the shoot and there was Kirsten Dunst and Dakota Fanning getting made up and looking like some kind of goddess who had fallen to earth, and Carine said to me, 'OK Alexa, I want you to look like a man, because that is what you do really well," she quipped in an interview with the UK edition of Grazia magazine.

"I had to sit beside those angels while [Chanel make-up artist] Peter Philips painted a beard and a unibrow on me. I managed to make him take the beard off, but I still had Noel Gallagher eyebrows."

The 28-year-old British beauty has effortlessly edgy style. Alexa tries to brush off criticism regarding her wardrobe choices.

"I don't plan outfits in advance," she said.

"I got loads of flak off Twitter because I wore dungarees out in New York. People said I looked like sh*t. I'd been having a night in and was asked to a gig. So I put a coat on and went."

The model currently has her hands full working for the Superga ad campaign, modelling for DKNY, Lacoste and Pepe, writing for fashion magazines and fronting TV shows.

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