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Alexa Chung: I messed up punk look

Alexa Chung's evolution into a style icon wasn't a smooth process because of a "weird cyberdog look" she went through in her teens.

The British model-and-presenter covers the latest New York edition of Time Out magazine.

The trendsetter explained that her evolution into a style icon wasn't a smooth process.

She joked that as a teenager, she combined items incorrectly so eventually resembled the futuristic club wear sold in London's Cyberdog store.

"I got punk a bit wrong when I was 17,” she admitted. “I misinterpreted it and crossed it with some weird Pokémon-Tamagotchi hybrid, so I had this weird cyberdog look, which was really unfortunate for a lot of years.”

The co-anchor on American nightly music show Fuse News named the differences between UK and US style. Alexa gave herself as an example of the way British women dress in a more casual fashion than the polished New York City females.

"New York style is really good because it’s so well put-together. I admire American women because they are really good at putting a look together that is sophisticated. As British girls, we lean toward being a bit more messy, a bit more undone and maybe a little more eccentric," she mused. "I like to wear dungarees, and at the moment I’m into things that are comfortable.”

With space being limited in New York City apartments, having a large wardrobe is almost unheard of. This has meant Alexa's clothing is currently in a chaotic state.

"I have a really small apartment [in the East Village] and a small and messy closet. I like how disordered it is, though. I’m never going to be one of those people who is good at organisation. But I’m very visual. I have a catalogue in my head of things I already own, so it’s easy to shop and I always know exactly what I’m looking for," she gushed. "I collect everything in multiples. You should see how many white shirts I’ve got."

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