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Alexa Chung: I use magazines as mirrors

Alexa Chung has joked she collects her magazine cover shoots "sticks them on the wall" and uses them as a mirror.

The gorgeous star has appeared on the cover of many prestigious publications. When asked what she does with the array of cutouts, Alexa joked she gets rather narcissistic about them.

"What, like a face collage, that I use instead of a mirror?" she quipped in an interview with Grazia Online. "Yes, I collect them all together, stick them on the wall and use them as a mirror.

"I don't, but my mum does have them somewhere. No, not in a book! Just sort of scattered around. In a pile I suppose."

Alexa doesn't want to make much of her magazine appearances just yet. However, the stunning star will take full advantage of the glamorous shots when she reaches retirement age.

"Well, when I'm 70, it'll be a different story," she smiled.

"When I'm 70, I'll get them all off my mum, or off my publicist, and then I'll want to look back at them all and frame them. It's more like now, I wouldn't do that, like have a shoot I did two months ago hanging on the wall, I don't think that would impress anyone."

Alexa is quite the style expert. The TV presenter-and-model divides her time between London and New York and has revealed the perks of shopping in both areas.

"Err, they are quite similar actually, they both have good vintage shops, for sure. I think if anything, it's depleting faster in London, so in New York you still have the chance to pick up some great gems," she revealed.

"Whatever you need you can get it in either. For example vintage you can get in Brick Lane or Williamsburg, and then for high end you have Dover St Market in London or Barney's Co Op in New York."


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