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Alexa Chung is 'lazy' with style

Alexa Chung is "too lazy" to look fashionable while travelling.

The British TV presenter is known for her vintage-inspired, quirky style, and has become one of the most copied women when it comes to creating a cool-yet-practical aesthetic.

Despite her fashion credentials, the stunning star refuses to travel wearing her finest garb.

"I think it would be weird if I wore a little black dress off the plane. I'm a bit too lazy. It's unrealistic. I didn't used to get changed on planes, so I don't see why I should now," she told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

Alexa has a cut off point when it comes to comfort however. The brunette beauty says there is no excuse for wearing nightwear during the day.

"I think [wearing pyjamas off the plane] is a bit of a no-no. It depends if you've got a good coat to cover them up," she laughed.

Alexa has revealed her style crushes. The star thinks Hollywood is full of beautiful ladies.

"I love Diana Kruger, I think she dresses so well. I think Anne Hathaway looks lovely at the moment," she revealed.

"There's loads, there's a plethora. Sienna Miller, Kate Moss- all the classics."

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