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Alexa Chung loves 'cold' clothing

Alexa Chung could happily live in Fall/Winter clothing all year round.

The British star is the fashion idol of many and has no problem talking about her favourite looks. For Alexa, the colder months offer the best opportunity for stylish dressing.

"Autumn/Winter for sure," she replied, when asked which fashion season she prefers. "I like layering and displaying my wares all in one go."

Alexa has a wardrobe which is full to bursting but being a style icon does have some downsides. These days most of her friends refuse to lend her pieces to wear.

"I don't get to borrow clothes from people," she told Company magazine. "If I ever ask to wear something on theirs, they're often quick to point out that I probably have my own version of it somewhere."

The 28-year-old's style has evolved over the last few years, but the basic pieces she likes always remain the same. She just updates them, and she's proud of having a signature style.

"Not really, I still dress like a child granny. I suppose the labels got fancier," she replied, when asked if her look has altered over the years.

"Unfortunately my approach to caring for my clothes didn't adapt accordingly - a lot it stored on my bedroom floor."

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