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Alexa Chung: My book isn't style bible

Alexa Chung has laughed off suggestions her fashion book will be a "style bible".

The model-and-TV star is famed for her edgy dress sense and will open up about her wardrobe choices in a tome out next September. It's been widely reported Alexa will write about her sartorial rules in the publication, but she's rubbished the suggestion.

"It's basically a compendium of drawings, photographs and I'm going to write about a bunch of stuff. It's not like a 'style bible', which I keep reading it being reported as," she told "It's more like just imagery I find interesting and it's going to have a sense of humour... I don't really know yet. I haven't written it yet."

Alexa has added DJ'ing to her résumé and enjoys playing her favourite tunes to audiences. Although she loves clothes, the 28-year-old insist her various jobs don't impact her style choices.

"I don't think DJs really have outfits that are really different from anyone else's so whatever I've got on that day. I'm always quite scruffy. I don't know - I don't think I'm renowned for putting on a gown and DJ'ing. That's not really my style," she laughed.

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