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Alexa Chung recalls ‘passionate’ teen style

Alexa Chung thinks teenagers nowadays are more "influenced by people with style" rather than creating their own unique looks.

The 29-year-old star is renowned for her cool sense of style, influencing fashionistas across the globe. Alexa admits that her sartorial choices once left little to be desired though.

"It was awful. The good thing about being a teenager is that you embrace the things you're passionate about, and that can be anything like Tamagotchis, Pokémon, or The Spice Girls. When you look back, it can be embarrassing that you were so wholeheartedly into those things," she explained to Teen Vogue.

"Now, it's easier for teenagers to be influenced by people with style. When I was growing up, you either read grown-up Vogue, or looked to your peers to see what they wearing—and at my school, people were wearing weird stuff."

Alexa also spoke about festival fashion, as the popular Coachella event in California wrapped up.

The brunette beauty finds the wardrobe choices at such calendar dates a little forced.

"I don't really like 'festival fashion,' because it goes against anything I do like, which is classic, easy, and wearable," she explained. "Girls wearing headdresses and pretending to be quirky - that's not festival fashion to me.

"I think you should wear whatever makes you comfortable. The thing is, Coachella isn't a real music festival in my book - hanging out in a field in LA is a vacation. I'm from England, and there we do festivals with wellie boots in the mud!"

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