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Alexa Chung talks Chanel bag

Alexa Chung says Chanel's hula-hoop bag looks like a "buoyancy aid".

The British style icon discussed Karl Lagerfeld's Spring/Summer 13 accessory on Anderson Live yesterday.

While Alexa described the creation as "amazing" she also mocked the design.

"Yes I've seen the bag, it's amazing. I was reading about this and that Karl Lagerfeld thinks, 'It's a very practical piece.' I really love Karl Lagerfeld," Alexa laughed. "It looks like a buoyancy aid as well. It seems as if you can float on it."

Alexa, who is a noted muse for Chanel, was presented with a homemade version of the much-talked about handbag by the talk show team. Alexa's custom made copy displayed her initials "AC" where the usual Chanel logo would appear. The newly pronounced author took her make-shift model for a spin and noted it's flawed design.

"Oh wow, guys, you shouldn't have!" Alexa exclaimed upon receiving the item. "No seriously you shouldn't have. There are problems, I mean, what if I need to get my phone out?!"

The bag has become a recent hot topic following the fashion house's Paris Fashion Week show.

The showstopping hula-hoop rings nestling a classic quilted Chanel bag showcased as part of the label's Spring/Summer 13 show.

Karl has since explained the idea behind his creation. The eccentric front man claimed it is an ideal accessory for the beach as you can prop it in the sand.

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