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Alexa Chung: The '60s speak to me

Alexa Chung says the core of her style is rooted in the '60s.

The British model-and-presenter discussed shopping and fashion with

Alexa is the star of a new campaign with the online retailer and speaks as part of a series of interviews with inspiring women featured on the website.

"I'm a presenter but I model I suppose. If I'm interviewing someone difficult I'll wear something more masculine and tailored or if I'm interviewing someone nicer I'll wear a girly dress," she shared.

"I'm very focused on the '60s and that music scene."

Alexa views her wardrobe as a collection of her favourite things. She says the way you dress is telling about who you are as a person.

"The way I shop is instinctive but also kind of impulsive. I'm a shopaholic. I don't know, there's something about the process of feeling like you're collecting a gem that I really enjoy," she continued.

"I think an outfit is incredibly important in terms of self confidence because the way you put something together and the way that you express yourself is quite often through clothes."

The 29-year-old admitted nobody is truly original with style. She likes a plain basic that she can jazz up in her own distinct way.

"My favourite outfit in real life is my Saint Laurent dress. I play different characters and that's why I like clothes," she finished.

"I don't think it matters where you get your ideas from, it's how you put it all together. So, inherently, even if you are emulating someone's style it's going to be different because it's a different attitude, you've got a different face and a different haircut."

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