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Alexa Chung's skinny struggle

Alexa Chung gets really “panicky” if she thinks she’s lost too much weight.

The British fashionista is famed for her lithe model looks, but is often criticised for looking too skinny.

She’s not always a fan of her slim figure and feels particularly bad when people around her start to get concerned.

“It’s not as if I look in the mirror and think, ‘God, I look wonderful.’ It’s more like, ‘Oh no,’” she admitted to British magazine Star.

“[It doesn’t feel] great, but more in the sense that I don’t want to worry my family. They call up and they’re like, ‘Are you really OK?’”

Alexa, 29, has modelled for the likes of Lacoste and Stella McCartney.

While she can understand that her bony figure might look unhealthy, she thinks people need to be more open minded.

“If people are saying it because they are concerned for me, that’s one thing – I can see how it might look,” she conceded.

“But people need to acknowledge that we come in different shapes and sizes and that various factors affect that.”

The style queen is a front row favourite and with Fashion Weeks around the world in full swing, she has been extra busy.

An increased workload can really impact the way she looks.

“Recently I was like, ‘Ah!’ I weigh nothing and I feel really panicky,” she worried.

“When I get stressed I’m not hungry. When I’m not, I rediscover an appetite."

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