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Alexa Chung's winter style tips

Alexa Chung has shared her tips on how to dress in the winter.

The British star loves fashion and enjoys dressing according to the seasons and weather.

When it comes to the winter months Alexa finds it tricky to look presentable, but shared one of her favourite outfits for the time of year.

"Cropped jumpers with high-waisted jeans," she told "Because in winter, it's hard to look vaguely nice, but you could do this. Or a lovely high skirt with a cropped jumper."

She also revealed her interest in hosiery. While Alexa wouldn't be brave enough to wear certain styles she likes the appearance of them.

"I keep thinking about tights that Dita Von Teese might wear: black with the semi-seam up the back," Alexa added.

"Is that going to be a thing? I keep thinking about them. I'm not going to wear them, they just keep popping into my mind."

Lastly, the 30-year-old brunette named one must-have piece for the winter.

"Capes are very important. They can be a nightmare weather wise, but capes..." she insisted.

Alexa has made it no secret she wants to start her own clothing label in the near future. After modelling for labels such as DKNY she is keen to create her own items.

''All I want to do is design clothes. But you need loads of money to set up a label," she sighed. "It's quite complicated and I have no f**king idea how you do it. But that's pretty much all I want.''

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