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Alexa recalls ‘gangly’ past

Alexa Chung struggled with fashion when she was younger due to her "gangly" figure.

The 29-year-old star is seen as a style icon with her stunning model looks and great dress sense.

While she is looked up to as an inspiration in fashion, Alexa struggled to make a statement when she was younger due to her outfit choices and overall physique.

"One year, I was called 'purple girl' because I used to dress all in one colour - I'd wear an entirely purple outfit one day, and then head-to-toe orange the next," she recalled to the November issue of Teen Vogue magazine. "On top of it all, I was very gangly, with bony knees and big banana feet."

Although she has managed to discover her own taste in clothing since then, Alexa, who has modelled for labels such as Lacoste and Stella McCartney, admits it took her a long time. She was happy to experiment with different looks and has learnt from her fashion fails.

"Realising what suits you takes time, so it's important to try everything and not worry about what people at school will say," she advised. "[It's] trial-and-error. I've made loads of mistakes, but it's OK because clothes aren't fundamentally serious - they're a way to express yourself and have fun."

Overall, her advice to the younger generation is to not worry about what others think. She recommends people go for whatever they feel comfortable in rather than trying to please the crowds.

"My advice is to take a look around you and indulge in whatever you're naturally drawn to," she added.

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