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Alexander Skarsgard's nimble jungle role

Alexander Skarsgard did plenty of reps to get into shape for The Legend of Tarzan, his trainer Magnus Lygdback reveals.

Alexander Skarsgard thought it important to look "nimble" for his role as Tarzan.

The hunky actor plays the King of the Jungle in the upcoming movie, The Legend of Tarzan, opposite Margot Robbie as his love interest Jane. As Alexander spends the majority of the movie topless he had to work out hard before the shoot began, making sure to get the right amount of muscle to make his performance look realistic.

"I wanted to have a bit more weight but not get too big," he told Muscle & Fitness magazine. "It was important to work on looking nimble and flexible - like someone who could move through the jungle like an animal would. That's his natural habitat. There was (to be) no unnecessary bulk that he doesn't need."

Tarzan's posture was also something Alexander, 39, and director David Yates worked hard to perfect. The film star began "buttoned up" and controlled in his stance, before relaxing as his alter ego realised he was human.

So just how did Alexander get his ripped body? "We started around 12 reps and then, after a couple of weeks, we started going heavier and heavier," fitness guru Magnus Lygdback said of his client's weight training. "But we never did fewer than six to eight reps or got in the one to two-rep range. Luckily, he responded well to the training, but you don't want to go heavy (at the beginning) when someone's not used to lifting."

No matter how hard they went the duo didn’t surpass 60 minutes with their workouts and "never" did two sessions a day during the bulking phase. And when Alexander needed a day off, he took one, with Magnus noting that it happened rarely as the actor was so dedicated.

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