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Ali Larter is hostess with mostess

Ali Larter has discussed her favourite outfits to wear while entertaining guests.

The former Heroes actress has a new cookbook out called Kitchen Revelry, which features her favourite dinner party recipes.

Ali loves cooking for her friends and shared her perfect outfit for dressing for the occasion.

"I love wrap dresses. I also like a great pair of old jeans with a nice T-shirt," she told "I just add some bold jewellery and bright red lipstick to glam it up."

The 37-year-old has discussed the pressure to look perfect in Hollywood before. She still finds herself succumbing to others' ideals now.

"I do, but I am more self-aware now. Your physicality is a huge part of your career as an actress. I just read this article where Cindy Crawford said that by the time she's 50, she's going to come to terms with her body," she continued.

The food lover has described her cookbooks as being the opposite of the health-conscious posts Gwyneth Paltrow pens for her blog Goop. Ali works out hard to combat her love of unhealthy delicious treats.

"I tend to work out for an hour about four days a week, and I love to run. It's the quickest way, with my busy schedule, to be able to enjoy my life and keep my weight at where I want it to be," she explained. "Sometimes I grab a trashy magazine and hit the treadmill. But I prefer to go for a nice run outside. It's a huge de-stressor for me. I filmed a movie last year called Lovesick, and I played a ballet teacher. I took ten ballet lessons, and I loved it. My body really responded to it, so I have been taking barre classes."

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