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Ali Lohan: I express myself through fashion

Ali Lohan says despite dabbling in acting and singing, modelling is where her true passion lies.

The younger sister of troubled star Lindsay is signed with renowned agency Wilhelmina Models in New York City.

Ali says despite previously dabbling in acting and singing, modelling is where her passion lies.

"I just love that you can express yourself through a photograph. It just captures every moment. I mean, the clothes — that’s not bad either," she smiled in an interview with WWD. "Music is always going to be a hobby of mine, but I think this is definitely what I want to do now."

Older sister Lindsay has become better known for her turbulent personal life and criminal convictions than her acting career.

Ali, 19, doesn't feel like she has the stigma of "Lindsay Lohan's sister" though.

"No, not at all. I feel like I’m Aliana and I’m just trying to work like every other model. I don’t want to be put on any platform. And I don’t think that I have been," she explained.

"I want to make the most out of the word ‘fame’. I want to do good things with my fame, or whatever it is. I want to help and do charity work. There’s something going on in Chile right now with the water, so I think I’m going to down there in a month to help out. My grandfather worked with charities his whole entire life, and we grew up living with him. He always told me about the other side of the world and everything that’s going on."

The brunette beauty admits that she works harder because of her famous family. Ali hopes to impress people with her talents.

"I would just like to be known as my own person. I don’t need to ride on any coattails. I just want to make my mark myself," she said.

"I definitely have to prove myself — just showing up on time and doing everything that you’re supposed to do."

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