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Alicia Keys: I exercise hard

Alicia Keys always makes the most out of her exercise.

The Girl on Fire singer is known for her toned stomach and trim waist. But after having two children, the 34-year-old has to work hard to get back in shape.

"I work out three to four times a week doing a combination of CrossFit and cardio, using my own body weight, throwing heavy balls, and a lot of burpees, which are the worst ever, but you have to be able to get down and dirty," she told the London Evening Standard. "I’ve got the cutest workout clothes from CrossFit and Lululemon Athletica, which get me in the mood to hit it."

Alicia also likes to set herself challenges as she gets on with her day. Most revolve around her favourite wearable technology, which she admits being a little obsessed with.

"I've been going nuts over my Fitbit and started challenging all my friends who try to beat me," she said. "I'm thinking, 'How could you have 10,000 more steps than me? You're cheating!' One day I did 16,000 steps, that was pretty good."

With a solid exercise regime and her curvaceous figure back at its best, Alicia feels free to embrace all her favourite fashions. And during her chat with the outlet, she opened up about her current must-have items.

"Right now I’m either wearing my white and blue batik trench coat by Maiyet or a Givenchy leather jacket that is a cross between a baseball jacket and a motorcycle jacket," she added. "They represent the two sides of my personality: girlie and feminine or boyish and tough."

But whatever mood she's in when it comes to her clothes, Alicia always makes sure to have a lip product or two on hand.

"I’m a lip-moisturising junkie so I always carry Dr Pawpaw lip balm wherever I go," she confessed. "I apply it about 20 times a day: I don’t drink enough water so my lips get dry."

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