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Alicia Keys: I'm a no nonsense beauty

Alicia Keys is not a very fussy person when it comes to her beauty regime.

The Girl on Fire singer is currently pregnant with her second child with her husband Swizz Beatz. However, the 33-year-old hasn't had to change her beauty regime too much to accommodate her changing body and lifestyle.

"I've always been more of a no-fusser. I'm not a very fussy person, and I'm not one who is always getting something done, so I didn't have to suddenly sacrifice that," she told "If anything, my beauty routine has changed because I'm more conscious now of giving myself the time for myself. Like, 'You know what? You deserve a massage. You need to go get a massage. You love a facial? You should go get a facial.' The hour that's going to give you, that's going to be beautiful!"

Because she wears a lot of make-up when she takes to the stage, Alicia likes to strip things back when she's got some down time. But there is always one thing that she applies even if she is giving her skin a rest.

"I love a bright lip, especially because I don't love to always wear make-up," she explained. "I love to be as simple and natural as possible. I love a bright lip because I feel like it does a lot - it's like boom, and you don't have to do much else. You don't have to worry about your eyes or have all this stuff, so I love that."

While she likes to go back to basics with her cosmetics, one thing the singer won't give up is her high heels.

"I do like a stiletto. It's beautiful, it really enhances your whole walk, your whole thing," she said.

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