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Alicia Keys relies on acupuncture

Alicia Keys enjoys having massages and acupuncture treatments at the salon.

The 33-year-old singer enjoys visiting the beauty salon during her down time as it helps her relax. She has a few different go-to treatments, all of which help keep her in tune with her body.

"I love a massage, and I really love acupuncture - it helps balance energy in the body and it's very relaxing," she told British magazine InStyle. "I also exercise three or four times a week. I'll do different things every time - boxing, kick-boxing, yoga, weight training, running, swimming - I keep it varied so I don't get bored."

Alicia doesn't just rely on the salon to get her beauty fix, she has some at-home products she swears by too. The star uses SK-II Facial Treatment Masks when she is travelling as they keep her skin hydrated, while hair oils and deep conditioning treatments ensure her hair always looks its best.

Keeping things diverse is also the name of the game when it comes to Alicia's diet plan as well as her beauty routine. Looking a certain way is part of her job so she keeps an eye on what she eats, but the star isn't obsessive about it. For her indulging is what makes life worth living and there are a few naughty treats she swears by.

"I don't eat meat, so stick mainly to fish, vegetables and grains, but I think everyone should have a treat once in a while," she said. "My favourite is pound cake - it's really rich and they use so much butter to make it. So, no, I'm not strict to the point where it's not fun - it should always be fun."

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