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Alicia Silverstone's Clueless couture classes

Clueless costume designer Mona May has reflected on the film's iconic fashion 20 years on.

The iconic chick flick celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and it's given costume designer Mona May the chance to reflect on the film's legendary outfits. For her, it was getting to work so closely with the young cast, which also included Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash and the late Brittany Murphy, that made it special.

"They were so collaborative and supportive. Alicia Silverstone was 18 and doing masses of fittings because she had 60 changes and was learning about being a high fashion girl. She's a hippie, this girl," she told the American edition of Harper's Bazaar. "We had to teach her how you walk in these clothes and how you move. That was fascinating. As soon as you put these clothes on, as soon it's altered to fit you like a glove, it really gives you that kind of confidence - you change."

Mona also enjoyed the challenge pulling together the girls' wardrobes in a time before the internet made everything accessible. Instead she had to stockpile magazines and juggle a mixture of high end designer labels with retail brands.

"At the time it really was not something that was as common as it is now. Everyone now goes to H&M and Gucci and mixes them. It really was not like that on the street then - and I really did that," she continued. "From a budgetary standpoint and a creative standpoint I got to have some high fashion like Dolce & Gabbana suits and [Azzedine] Alaia. Then we would go to thrift stores. Actually a lot of [Stacey's character] Dionne's looks were a mixture of vintage and designer skirts, her clutches. Adding a lot of French accents to both girls with the headbands, the white cuffs, the white colours, was all vintage."

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