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Allison: I don't splash out

Allison Williams promises black and white is the hottest colour scheme this fall.

The Girls star plays Marnie in the hit series and shows off some gorgeous looks onscreen.

In her personal life she's also a fashion favourite and the actress let fans in on her top tips for this fall.

"I always find it hard because you don't want to replenish your entire wardrobe every fall, no one can afford to do that and it's kind of exhausting," she admitted to

"So how do you take what you already have and work with it? My technique for the fall is to keep everything as it is, but then accent it with a couple of new pieces here and there. So maybe I'll invest in a pair of boots, or I'll get a chunky sweater or a new handbag and scarf and then I'll rotate that out with all the other things I own. I think that's probably the most accessible way to do it this fall.

"Black and white is in as a colour scheme, which is great as that's very doable. I feel like we all already own black and white components, so that's very good news."

Allison is also the famous face of kind-to-skin range Simple.

With her hectic schedule, the 24-year-old revealed how she manages to keep her complexion clear.

"If you wanna look good in the morning, the Simple under-eye revitalising roll-on is incredible. It wakes you right up, I promise," she gushed.

"Also I think if you want healthy skin you have to take a holistic approach... You have to look at every aspect of your life. You have to get enough sleep - if you can. You have to eat healthily, you have to drink enough water, you have to try not be too stressed out... Those things are all gonna contribute to your skin looking as beautiful as it can."

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