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Allison Williams: Girls wardrobe is weird

Allison Williams says her wardrobe in the second series of Girls felt "weird" to wear in public.

The actress stars as Marnie in the hugely popular TV series which is now in its second series.

The 25-year-old revealed that in the new season, formerly straight-laced Marnie starts to unravel and takes a job as a hostess in a members club.

Marnie's outfits have altered accordingly, featuring sexy, bum-skimming shorts and a new tumbling, seductress hairstyle.

"The hostess uniform felt very weird to wear when we were filming in public," Allison told British magazine Grazia.

“[I was] walking around in braces and heels."

Allison has always been certain she wanted to be an actress. However, the star confessed she hasn't always landed glamorous parts.

"Growing up, I was awkward-looking," she admitted. "So I always got cast as un-pretty characters. In the Wizard of Oz, I wanted to be Dorothy, but I was the Mayor of the Munchkins."

For actress Jemima Kirke, who plays Girls character Jessa, her style has altered in a very different way for season two of the show. The 27-year-old says her real-life pregnancy during filming dictated a far less fun look than Jessa's bohemian image in season one.

"It wasn't much fun," Jemima confessed. "I had to wear tents and stand behind sofas a lot, when I just wanted to be wearing hot pants."

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