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Allison Williams: How I went from Marnie to Peter

Allison Williams thinks she looks like her brother when dressed as Peter Pan.

Fans of the award-winning show are used to seeing Allison work a sleek and sophisticated look, playing uptight girly girl Marnie Michaels.

However, her latest role sees the 26-year-old play Peter Pan, the little boy who never grows up. While the two characters are poles apart, Allison had the same make-artist help her achieve both looks.

"Yes [it's completely different to Girls], but my make-up artist is the same! He went from making me Marnie to turning me into a boy," Allison smiled to US Weekly magazine. "But the hair’s a wig."

Luckily Allison didn't have to shear off her long locks to play Peter, although she's previously said she would have been willing to if it was necessary.

Dressed as a boy, Allison says she looks a lot like her younger brother Douglas

"I think I resemble my brother, which, apparently, he’s gotten a lot!" she giggled.

Peter Pan Live! will broadcast on NBC on December 4. While Allison is relishing playing the role, there was another Disney star she longed to look like when she was little.

"[Belle from Beauty and the Beast]. She is everything to me. When I was little it was my favourite Disney movie, but I really like her because she is really intelligent," she previously smiled to Harper's Bazaar.

"[Once] I was wearing a yellow dress like her, my hair was like her and [a] little girl said to her dad, 'Look Dad, Belle's at that party.'"

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