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Alyssa Milano responds to public breastfeeding backlash

Alyssa Milano reveals how she lost nearly 50lbs after giving birth to her daughter in 2014.

Alyssa Milano is confused by people's "weird" reaction to public breastfeeding.

The 43-year-old mother-of-two is an advocate of suckling babies and she has often posted pictures of herself nursing on Instagram.

"I definitely think it's weird when people are so against it, so adamant about it…," she told Extra when asked about breastfeeding in public. "I've heard everything from, 'You should feed your baby in the public restroom', to, 'Go to your car and do it', and that's kind of shocking… That’s so gross. Why would you feed your baby in a public restroom?

"So I will keep (breastfeeding) as long as I'm given this gift of being able to feed my children from my body, or my child. (I'm) not breastfeeding (four-year-old) Milo anymore, don't worry people, but if I was, you shouldn't have a problem with that."

Earlier this week (ends8Jan16) Milano lost her cool on The Wendy Williams Show when the host told her guest she doesn't "need to see" a woman suckling a child, noting it would be more appropriate to feed the baby in private.

The Charmed star admits she's more than happy to debate the issue on TV - even though so many people find the topic of breastfeeding off limits.

"It's good to have this conversation," she shared, "and I think that if the photos bring up the debate, I think that's great. And I will say that from when I first started posting the pictures to now, there are a lot less negative comments 'cause I think people realise that I'm not going away. My boobs are not leaving.”

Milano lost 46 pounds (20.8 kilograms) since giving birth to her daughter Elizabella in September, 2014, but she insists nursing had nothing to do with it.

"I don't think breastfeeding helps at all!" she noted. "When I first gave birth, I started cutting out carbs and sugar... I did it by myself… then I hit that lull that I think that everyone hits…that last 20 pounds that can be so hard to lose, so I did my research and noticed the tools that (The Atkins Diet) had to help you lose weight were pretty much what I was doing, they were just making it easier and not only that, they had just amazing products to help me along the way."

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