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Amanda de Cadenet: Smart women can be pretty

Amanda de Cadenet thinks people discriminate against "really beautiful women" who are also smart.

The former actress is gearing up to host TV series The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet this week. The programme - which is co-produced by Demi Moore - sees Amanda sitting down and interviewing a range of women including Donna Karan, Lady Gaga, Diane von Furstenberg and also ordinary females.

The 39-year-old star hopes the series promotes the strength of women who have both brains and beauty.

"The world has a hard time letting women do more than one thing. If you're really beautiful, they don't like it if you're smart. If you're smart, it's OK as long as you're not too beautiful. You can't be too much," she explained in an interview with WWD.

"Every woman who showed up did it because they felt a responsibility to use their voice wisely. Whether you're a 13-year-old girl who's saying, 'I know I don't eat enough but I wish that I was thinner,' to Portia de Rossi saying, 'I spent so much time in the gym or on the scale, worrying about my weight,' to Jane Fonda, who's 73, saying, 'I was bulimic until I was 43.' It's just showing that everyone deals with these issues, whether you're a famous woman, an iconic woman, or a young woman. I had to make this because I felt like it was needed I couldn't see it, so I made it."

Amanda is also a professional photographer. She used her skills behind the camera when making her new TV programme.

"If I'm shooting someone for a portrait I talk to them in the same way as if I'm interviewing. I'm looking at the person and trying to figure out what it is about them that's special and beautiful and powerful and unique and dynamic," she said. "The journey they've taken to be where they are."


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