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Amanda Seyfried: I want a toned stomach

Amanda Seyfried admits she would love a six-pack "one day".

The blonde beauty regularly diets and works out to achieve her stunning figure.

But the actress revealed that she is unlikely to attain her desired stomach because she can't help but treat herself to her favourite foods.

"When my belly fat goes away I'm happy," Amanda told British Glamour. "I'd love to have a six-pack one day, but that would mean eating a little less pasta."

The 25-year-old alternates between boxing, ballet and cardiac workouts to stay in shape. She revealed that she has to work out a staggering six days a week to stay trim and toned.

However she knows this is what she must do to keep her slender form.

"Basically there is no big mystery," she shrugged. "We are all smart enough to know what works and what doesn't."

Amanda also regularly tries the punishing raw food body blitz.

The diet involves eating nothing but raw fruit, vegetables and nuts for five days. Amanda confessed it is effective but challenging.

"It leaves you feeling great, but for the first couple of days you just want to curl up and die," she laughed.

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