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Amanda Seyfried: I'm a flip flop fan

Amanda Seyfried doesn't mind leaving the house with very little make-up.

The Ted 2 actress is always stunning in beautiful designer gowns on the red carpet but prefers to keep it relaxed when she's off duty. In fact, she's happy to do as little as possible.

"I live in checked shirts and flip flops," she admitted to German magazine Joy. "And I'd rather wear barely any make-up!"

While she can be as chilled as she likes off screen, certain movie roles require the 29-year-old to step up her game. Back in 2011 she starred alongside Justin Timberlake in In Time, which required her to don some pretty elaborate outfits - even in the action scenes.

"Louis Vuitton boots and YSL pumps… oh god, It was awful," she recalled to "On the second day I was running and I didn’t have the stunt heels on yet and I fell so bad … luckily I was holding onto Justin’s hand so he had to swing me down without hitting my head – really funny but really scary at the same time. I literally flew underneath him, he landed on top of me like this [gestures]. It was just because I was running SO fast, the fastest I could ever possibly run with heels bigger than these on – god, terrifying."

Looking much steadier in heels, Amanda attended the Ted 2 premiere in New York last month wearing a gorgeous asymmetric black dress by Thierry Mugler.

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