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Amandla Stenberg: ‘Cutting my hair was liberating’

Amandla Stenberg admits she is "obsessed" with buying septum rings from the Etsy website.

Amandla Stenberg felt liberated when she decided to change up her hairstyle.

The actress reveals she recently decided to stop chemically straightening her hair and instead opting for her natural curls, a move which has allowed her to feel true to herself.

“I used to chemically alter it so that it was straighter because I felt like it was way too big and curly but I didn’t recognise how essential it actually is to my identity. For a while I was kind of pushing away that part of myself. It's interesting that black girls and women wearing their hair naturally is still a statement in itself," she told U.K. InStyle. "After I chopped off all of the straight parts I was like, 'Why did I never do this?' it felt so much more liberating and true to myself."

While Amandla realises that some woman like to straighten their hair, she thinks that by wearing her hair naturally she now has more options to switch up her style, and thinks “that’s also a cool part of black femininity”.

The Hunger Games star adds that she sees make-up as a “powerful tool” and likes to experiment with colourful cosmetics. While she admits she doesn't know the first thing about contouring, Amandla looks to singer and style maven Solange Knowles for inspiration.

“I’m a huge fan of Solange - she does really cool stuff with like eyeshadow and her hair is amazing as well,” she shared.

The 17-year-old also notes that British singer FKA Twigs and American actress, singer and model Zoe Kravitz are two of her key style inspirations, and liked that they both had septum piercings so much that she decided to get her own done on her 17th birthday.

The star notes that she loves nose rings and thinks they look really beautiful, but has an open piercing that she can flip inside her nose to hide it while she is acting. But the style statement isn’t easy on Amandla's wallet.

“I need to stop buying rings from Etsy, I'm obsessed,” she laughed.

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