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Amber Le Bon's festive list is 'uninteresting'

Amber Le Bon wants vintage wallpaper for Christmas.

The model is looking forward to having a relaxed time over the festive holiday. She never asks for lavish presents as she earns enough money to treat herself, but does have her eye on one special item.

"Presents aren't really a big thing in our family because I don't need that much. My dad's going to get me a really nice camera and I want to redecorate my room a little bit so I was looking at vintage wallpapers," she explained. "So nothing that interesting, maybe some candles! If I want to get things, I like to buy them myself from money I made."

Amber loves modelling but she also has other interests. She's considering going back to school next year and would also like to concentrate on some personal projects.

"I'm really passionate about arts so I'm thinking of going to art school. I don't know if I can commit my time to it but maybe even just start some courses," she told "Also I've been in to's and fro's about moving to New York. I feel quite balanced in modelling now but I do feel like I've got to a place where I understand the world quite well and I can really detach myself from it and it's kind of a job so I want to think about starting my own projects when I don't have to worry about the way I look!"

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