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America Ferrera: 'My stylist saved me'

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera regrets every fashion decision she made before hiring a stylist.

Actress America Ferrera once wore a too-big jumpsuit that meant she had to "breathe out" all night.

The Ugly Betty star looks anything but ugly on the red carpet and in photo shoots, most recently dazzling on the front cover of Latina magazine. While she may appear polished these days, the 31-year-old puts it all down to external help.

"Anything before I had a stylist," she said of her biggest fashion regret while talking to "Everything before I paid someone else to dress me... My biggest fashion regret has something more to do with comfort. One time, I wore a jumpsuit to a premiere. When I tried it on, it fit me, and when I put it back on for the premiere, it was a little bit big up top. And a jumpsuit has to be held up by something. I went ahead and wore it anyway, and the whole time, I’m breathing out - doing the opposite of sucking it in - so that my jumpsuit does not flip down and expose my breasts. That was a very stress-inducing fashion decision. So I do regret that. Lesson learned: wear stuff that fits you."

While America may not be proud of her previous fashion choices, she does hold onto nostalgic pieces from her past. Among them are pink jelly shoes she got as a two-year-old.

"When I set up my dressing-room station or a trailer, I bring along my pink jellies," she laughed. "They come everywhere with me. They’re fading, they’re not as pink as they used to be, and they still have a rock lodged in them that has been there since the 1980s. I used to want to get the rock out, but now I feel like the rock is a part of it."

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