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Amy Adams’ best body tricks

Amy Adams had to learn to hold herself in such a way that her revealing American Hustle outfits wouldn't cause a wardrobe malfunction.

The red-headed actress plays con artist Sydney Prosser in David O. Russell's movie, which is nominated for a mighty ten Oscars at this year's ceremony.

The film is set in the 1970s and required the cast, including Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale, to don the garish trends of the day. This included extremely low cut dress for the leading ladies.

"The spirit of liberation of the period [meant] less structure, less tailoring, and being more provocative. It's a duality: there's a confidence but also a certain vulnerability with daring necklines. We wanted to be period correct so we didn't use double-sided tape," American Hustle costume designer Michael Wilkinson explained to

"[For the outfits] Amy had to carry herself a certain way and be intuitive of the clothing. We also had to avoid any sudden gusts of air or windy situations. Plus, Amy made friends with the video editors to make sure they chose the right takes!"

Authentic dresses from the decade were used including pieces from Gucci, Diane von Furstenberg and Halston.

Jennifer's character, a bored and unpredictable housewife called Rosalyn Rosenfeld, provided Michael with a canvas on which to convey different emotions.

"We wanted to show a sense of schizophrenia to the character, in that she wears sweatsuits during the day, bored at home, but when she goes out at night, she's dressed to kill, so you don't know if she's a shy type or a man killer. We gave her a real Long Island flavour," Michael revealed.

"One of my favourite memories was from Jennifer's final fitting in [the white gown] and Russell wanted to make sure the dress was incredibly body hugging so you can see her shape right through. He wanted to see her move in the dress so we had a mini dress rehearsal and I suddenly found the number-one actress sitting in my lap, laughing and pretending to spill champagne on me."

Michael is nominated for Best Achievement in Costume Design at the 86th Academy Awards, which takes place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday.

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