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Amy Adams: Film glamour is an illusion

Amy Adams says the reality of glamour on movie sets is often nothing like audiences expect.

The actress stars as Allure's July cover girl and talked through some memorable moments from her film career with the magazine.

Amy says the finished film audiences get to see is often nothing like the reality of making it.

She named her 2005 The Wedding Date film she starred in with Jack Davenport as a perfect example of this.

"Jack Davenport was on Smash. He was the nicest guy ever. I loved this dress," she shared. "The headpiece was awesome. It was like, very, sort of, of the sea. The day we filmed this it was raining, so I had a plastic bag around the bottom of me, like a diaper, so it wouldn't get wet. Underneath this photo I'm sitting at a table with a trash bag on. That's the glamour. Smoke and mirrors, folks."

Amy says some of her costumes in films are the result of improvisations she's made due to the conditions on location. She looked back to 2006 and the filming of Enchanted in New York City which required her to take the on-set wardrobe into her own hands.

"I'd actually purchased that parasol on my own to keep the sun off me because it was, like, a sweltering 90-degree summer day, and my skin is very sensitive. I'm in the boat, and they're all like, 'Put that parasol down,' and then the director said, 'Keep it up!'" she exclaimed.

Amy recalled the Enchanted premiere in 2007 which she attended with her then-boyfriend Darren Le Gallo. In 2008 Amy became engaged to actor-and-artist Darren and the couple now have a three-year-old daughter together.

"Darren looks so handsome there, I can't even stand it," Amy joked about her fiancé's appearance. "We had been working on taking lots of vitamins and eating really well. And we saw this picture recently and were like, 'Hey! We looked really good—maybe we should do that again.'"

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