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Amy Adams: Hairstylists are artists

Amy Adams is "curious" to see what her hairstylists will do with her tresses if she gives them no direction.

The actress is famed for her strawberry blonde hair, although she gets a little help with the colour these days. Like many women, the 39-year-old star has found her shade has dulled a little as she gets older, so she uses temporary dye to lift it a little. Amy relies on her styling team to dress her hair for big events and is constantly amazed by how talented they are.

"I’ve definitely gotten ideas from Pinterest, but I get inspiration from lots of different places. Sometimes I tell my hairstylist it’s a freebie, do whatever you want - which I think I’m probably going to start doing more and more," she told Fashion magazine. "I feel like I’ve tried everything I’ve felt like trying and they’re such amazing artists. I’m curious to see what their vision is now."

Amy takes care to look after her skin and is a long time user of La Mer products. Although they aren't cheap she remains loyal to the brand, as it is the only one which has managed to keep her "tricky skin" in check - if she isn't careful it gets very dry.

"I tend to follow the traditional ones: wearing sunscreen, drinking water and washing your face. But, you know, I make mistakes, sometimes it happens - I fall asleep with my make-up on, the night gets away from you," she explained.

The actress also enjoys experimenting with new cosmetics, although whenever she wears make-up her three-year-old daughter Aviana presumes she is going to work.

Much as she likes new trends, Amy sticks to the products she knows when she is at home. That is one of the reasons she is so pleased to be the face of Lacoste's fragrances - the company introduced her to a whole new world and showed her just what goes in to creating scents.

The American Hustle star has previously spoken of her love of perfume, admitting she only feels properly dressed when she has spritzed herself with her favourite fragrance.

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