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Amy Lee: Eye bags aren't attractive

Amy Lee would choose the "bags under her eyes" if she could change one thing about her appearance.

The Evanescence singer leads a hectic life on the road touring with her rock band. Amy says her arduous schedule and sleep-deprived lifestyle affects her looks.

"The bags under my eyes," she told Kerrang! magazine when asked what she'd change about the way she looks.

"When I'm on the road I find that it takes its toll, and I notice it most of all in the bags under my eyes."

Amy has previously revealed her low maintenance beauty routine. The star has explained that she sometimes finds it difficult to fit a rigorous styling regime into her schedule, so relies on no-fuss techniques to keep her looking camera ready.

"Baby wipes - for those times when you just can't take a shower," she said.

"You have to be prepared for any situation, where you can't take a shower and you have to look awesome for some photo shoot that you didn't know was happening until 10 minutes before."

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