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Amy Lee: Wipes are useful

Amy Lee relies on "baby wipes" to get her looking photo shoot ready.

The Evanescence singer is constantly touring with her band, so sometimes finds it difficult to fit a rigorous beauty regime into her schedule.

Amy relies on a more low-maintenance routine to get her looking camera ready.

"Baby wipes - for those times when you just can't take a shower," she told Kerrang! magazine. "You have to be prepared for any situation, where you can't take a shower and you have to look awesome for some photo shoot that you didn't know was happening until 10 minutes before."

Amy tries to stick to a healthy diet while on the road. The stunning songstress relies on throat-friendly drinks to keep her voice in tip-top shape.

"Throat coat tea really helps my voice," she explained.

"I drink it with ginger and honey as part of my vocal warm-ups."

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