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Amy Poehler rules out heels for improv

Amy Poehler says flat shoes are a must for spontaneous acting sketches.

The American comedienne discussed her ideal improv wardrobe at a recent press conference.

Amy likes to be casual and comfy when taking to the stage, which means flat shoes are a must.

“I do not improvise in heels,” Amy declared to Vanity Fair Daily. “I improvise in sneakers. Why would I improvise in heels? It’s terrible.”

The Baby Mama star shared her dressing tips while opening the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's Annual Del Close Improv Marathon in New York City on Friday.

After the presentation, the 41-year-old discussed how she prepares for her on-the-spot sketches.

“Drinking is good,” she smiled. “Smoking pot is not great for improv. But drinking can be OK, a little bit. [What’s wrong with smoking pot?] Well, you’re just in your head and forget things, and you might get freaked out. Um, some people might; I don’t know. So I’ve heard.”

Also in attendance was Amy's rumoured beau Nick Kroll. The 35-year-old funnyman joked he has performance outfit rules in place too.

“My rules are I will only wear heels when I do improv,” Nick joked. "Fashion-wise, the last couple years it’s been all heels. Before that, I had a minute where it was, like, ‘I’m only wearing culottes.’”

Comedy actor Zach Woods also weighed in on the ideal improv ensemble. The Arrested Development star, who is also part of an improvisational sketch troupe, says drinking before taking to the stage is something he wouldn't advise.

“I hate improvising in short sleeves, and I hate wearing shorts, because I have a weird, mantis-like frame, and it makes me self-conscious. If it was socially acceptable to wear a pea coat onstage and a wool hat, I would do it,” Zach explained.

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