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Amy Schumer: Forget your insecurities

Amy Schumer doesn't want anything enough to deprive herself of food.

The 34-year-old actress is known for her funny antics on screen and can next be seen getting laughs out of audiences in comedy Trainwreck.

She often speaks out about the pressure women feel in Hollywood to look good and worries about how it will impact the younger generation. This is why she launched spoof boyband video Girl You Don't Need Makeup, along with a hashtag of the same name.

"All these girls tweeted me pictures of themselves with no make-up. It was beautiful and empowering," she gushed to Britain's Glamour magazine.

"I'm not the skinniest or prettiest girl. But who cares? I feel sexy and beautiful. I'm single, but never struggle for suitors. I don't mean to sound cocky, but I like myself, I'm proud of myself and people respond to that. The surgery and starving that comes with Hollywood is sick. I don't want anything bad enough not to eat."

Amy feels strongly about this topic. So much so that she spoke to Vanity Fair recently about how disappointing it is to see bias in the movie business, which sometimes means a role is given to the wrong person.

“In my experience, there will be a script and you’ll be like, this is funny - I think I’ll audition," she explained to the publication. "And you’ll know other women, who are hilarious, are auditioning, too. And then they give it to, like, some beautiful movie star. They’re great actresses and they’re really pretty, but they’re not funny.”

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