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Amy Schumer: ‘Stylist changed my attitude to clothes’

Super stylist Ilaria Urbinati thinks the women in Hollywood have it rougher than the men when it comes to wardrobe scrutiny.

Amy Schumer wants to be buried with her hero stylist Leesa Evans.

Leesa is hailed by Amy for helping the funnywoman find her fashion feet, and her work hasn’t gone unnoticed; she was voted number 25 in the Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood list.

“I’ve had fittings for the last 10 years," Amy gushed to the publication. "They’ve always been kind of traumatic. If you’re above a size 12, they’re kind of like, ‘Oh, why don’t you just, like, go into a field and graze with the cows?’ Leesa’s attitude when I walked in was, ‘That’s great!’ or ‘We can do better!' It’s completely changed how I feel about clothes, and now we’re going to be together for life. I’m going to be buried with her… You agreed to that, right?”

For the accompanying photo shoot, both Amy and Leesa wear emerald green dresses, with Amy getting the laughs as she bends over to be spanked by her style guru.

"I realised there is a lack of confidence that is universal, regardless of size or age," Leesa explained, adding that a simple white Calvin Klein slip dress that Amy wore to the Critics' Choice has been her favourite look.

The top five spots went to Kate Young, Cristina Ehrlich, Elizabeth Stewart, Elizabeth Saltzman and Victoria Sekrier. Between them they dress the likes of and Margot Robbie, Brie Larson, Cate Blanchett, Saoirse Ronan, and Alicia Vikander.

Ilaria Urbinati came in art number six, who is best known for dressing Hollywood’s hottest men including Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds.

Recalling Bradley’s Dolce & Gabbana look for the New York premiere of his movie Burnt, where he wore a dotted shirt and patterned tie all in the same colour family, Ilaria laughed that, “people really flipped over it — it's fun when that happens with a men's look.

“There's a lot less scrutiny with a guy. Girls have it rough — I think mostly because people don't know what to call out with menswear."

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