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Amy Schumer: Women, love yourselves!

Trainwreck actress Amy Schumer has no intention of trying to change her body.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Comedy star Amy Schumer urges women to tell themselves they've "got it going on" while looking in the mirror.

The bubbly blonde is outspoken about the pressure piled on women to look a certain way, something she has no time for. She used an interview with Women's Health magazine to encourage women to ditch the ideal and embrace their shape.

"I just want people to feel better," she told the publication. "Look at yourself in the mirror and grab your own tits and be like, I've got it going on. And just be psyched that you are healthy.

"What is this, like, surreal standard (of beauty)? Who is that important to? Who are the men that want that? Who are the women who want to be that way? I've just never been striving for (an) alternative body for myself. I don't take my face and body as a suggestion."

Amy reasons there's no need for her to doubt her appearance because she's had plenty of male attention over the years.

In fact she thinks women should be more open to positive feedback from others rather than brushing comments off.

"I think as women we are all sort of afraid of accepting compliments," she added.

"We don't want anyone to think we like ourselves. We're supposed to, like, trash ourselves after a compliment. That's a really good habit to break."

Amy's confidence is enough to inspire anyone not to pay attention to negativity. Although recently her stylist Leesa Evans revealed the comedienne isn't completely immune to self doubt.

"We had a hilarious chat about how she had gone out to exercise and someone caught a photo of her buying a cup of coffee and a scone," Leesa told "And so she asked me, sort of joking but sort of serious, 'Should I not be out in the world with exercise clothes?' I'm like 'Of course you should be out.'"

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