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Anastacia: I feel sexy at 47

Singer Anastacia is in awe when she looks back at how toned she was in her 20s.

Musician Anastacia didn't realise how perfect her body was when she was younger, but feels a lot sexier now she's close to 50.

The American singer hit the big time with her debut album Not That Kind in 2000, which spouted hits I'm Outta Love and Made For Lovin' You. Now aged 47 the star finally feels at ease in her own skin, something it's taken a long time for her to achieve.

"In my 20s I had the perfect body, but I didn't know what I had," she sighed to Britain's Closer magazine. "I look back at pictures of my stomach and I'm like, 'I had a 12-pack - I could wash laundry off that!' Now it's still flat, but it's not ripped. When you're young, so many people tell you different things, you lose your sense of self.

"But when I hit 40, I became way more comfortable, even though I have a million more scars! I've embraced a more natural look and I feel amazingly sexy now - more than I did in my 20s - as I appreciate my body and I finally know myself."

Anastacia isn't embarrassed to admit she went "crazy for Botox" in her 30s, revealing she would get the injections around every three months. However it became clear she had to stop when her friends were unable to tell whether she was laughing or angry.

"Now if I want my wrinkles to disappear, I just do a really tight ponytail!" she giggled.

With her new-found self-assurance has come a new outlook on her love life. Currently single, it seems feeling youthful has led to Anastacia eyeing up younger men.

"I would go on a date with Harry Styles in a heartbeat," she grinned. "I've dated much younger men and it's fine!"

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