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Andie MacDowell: Age doesn't define beauty

Andie MacDowell believes there isn't "an age limit" on beauty.

The model and actress and has been the face of cosmetics company for 25 years.

Now in her fifties the star is delighted that she is representing the older face of beauty.

"I love my job," she told the British edition of Hello! magazine. "The thing that I admire most about L'Oreal is that not only did they keep me, they added women that are older than I am such as Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda. It's important to send the message to women that there isn't an age limit on beauty."

Aside from face creams, Andie doesn't condemn anyone who wants to try the drastic alternative of cosmetic surgery.

However, she does offer some words of caution to women who decide to have the procedures.

"I don't judge anyone for what they do," she explained. "But that said I have also known people who have had it done expecting it to change them and make them happy. Cutting a bit off this or that is not going to change the way you feel inside."

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