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Andie MacDowell: Beauty isn't everything

Andie MacDowell thinks women shouldn't "break [themselves] into pieces" about the way they look.

The actress-and-model has been the face of L'Ore?al Paris for over 25 years. The 53-year-old beauty has proved that being young is not always more favourable when it comes to campaigns.

The stunning star says beauty comes in all forms, and age shouldn't affect that.

"Beauty isn't about how old you are. Women should be able to feel good about themselves no matter what their age," she told WWD.

"I see in young girls what I did to myself - they are so critical, and their expectations are so unrealistic. They won't show their legs because they think they're fat. I did that too - but now I see myself as a full person. I don't break myself into pieces."

Andie is mother to a son and two daughters. The star instils a positive attitude in her children about the way they look.

"I tell my daughters all the time that what they have is wonderful and they need to embrace it," she said.

Andie is grateful for her successful career in the industry. Despite her accomplishments, the brunette beauty refuses to let the glamour of it all faze her.

"I come from a small town and am self-made. When I'm not working, I'm in jeans, but I can go down the red carpet if need be. I want to be seen as a normal person - I just have a very interesting job," she said.

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